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Big Valley is located in beautiful, rural northeastern California. Big Valley consists of four small towns: Nubieber, Bieber, Lookout and Adin. Surrounded by picturesque mountain peaks, Big Valley lies within Modoc and Lassen Counties. Many captivating views of Mt. Shasta and Mount Lassen can be seen from Big Valley.

Our communities border the Ash Creek Wildlife area which covers more than 14,100 acres. About 3,000 acres are natural wetlands that are fed by the flow of seasonal streams. This provides habitat for a variety of wildlife. Throughout the grassy marshes you can see large, long-legged Sand Hill Cranes, rarely seen wildlife and Bald Eagles soaring through the clear blue skies. The wildlife that can be viewed in Big Valley includes geese, hawks, mule deer, antelope, quail, sage grouse, owls, and coyotes.

Our small communities are warm and friendly with an environment where people still wave and say hello as they pass by.

Main Source of Industry of Big Valley

The main source of industry in the Big Valley area is farming, logging, and Big Valley Power LLC. Other employment is through Cal Fire, Forest Service, Mountain Valley Health Center, Big Valley Joint Unified School District and many individual businesses that provide services in Big Valley and the surrounding areas.

Estimated Populate in the Big Valley area - 1765

  • Zip Code 96068, Nubieber – 220
  • Zip Code 96009, Bieber- 579
  • Zip Code 96006, Adin – 599
  • Zip Code 96054, Lookout- 367
Big Valley is located in Northern Lassen County and Southern Modoc County. Highways 299 East and 139 are our main thoroughfares.
From major cities: Portland 475, San Francisco 307, Redding 94, Reno 160, Sacramento 252, and Klamath Falls 96.7 miles.
Though distinctively rural, Lassen County and Modoc County have varied terrain that takes in forested plateaus, green mountains, snow-capped peaks and vast, open agricultural valleys. Lassen National Forest, Plumas National Forest and Modoc National Forest borders Big Valley.
Big Valley encompasses a seasonal climate. Generally dry with warm days and cool nights. The area experiences four complete seasons, with an average summer high of 93 and an average low of 28 during the winter months. Snowfall averaging ten inches per year is normal for the valley areas with more abundant amounts falling in the higher regions.

The four full seasons and varied terrain provide a complete spectrum of recreational activities. In the mountainous western portion, summer camping, hiking, fishing, and water sports complement autumn hunting, winter skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and sledding with spring giving a variety of nature watching opportunities.